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Secure Communication for Healthcare

Anywhere, at Any Time

The dr2dr platform allows for fully secure, confidential and instantaneous communication between physicians, clinic staff and other health professionals.

dr2dr Secure Messaging builds on the dr2dr application developed by Microquest. The AMA has been working in partnership with Microquest to guide updates, improvements, and ensure dr2dr adds the most value to Alberta physicians.

The long-term plan is to include other providers (e.g., pharmacists, nurse practitioners) and ultimately patients in the secure messaging system.

While dr2dr secure messaging can be used in many clinical settings, it serves three primary functions:

  • Facilitates the rapid exchange of clinical information
  • Enables the quick and efficient gathering/solicitation of clinical advice
  • Provides electronic consultation capabilities that are significantly more efficient, secure and reliable than the fax machine and telephone

dr2dr at a Glance

Seriously Secure

dr2dr's secure conversations are transferred in 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security protocol as online banks.

Web Access Anywhere, Anytime

The dr2dr Secure Messaging system supports all modern web browsers and with its centrally hosted website, provides web-based access from anywhere, for secure physician communications.

Built-In Address Book

dr2dr features a hosted and maintained address book comprising system-user physicians and clinics.

EMR Integration

In addition to being integrated withHealthquest EMR, dr2dr can be integrated with any EMR system hosted by a vendor open to integration.

dr2dr recently reached an agreement with Telin to establish an integration with Mediplan EMR.

Mobile App

dr2dr also provides a fully-functional and full-featured mobile app, providing the full dr2dr desktop experience, designed specifically for your mobile device.

Customizable Notifications

dr2dr supports configurable notifications (via email, text message or both). The system can be programmed for notifications with a frequency of instant, daily or weekly summaries.