On Saturday, August 12, 2017, between 09:00 and 12:00 Mountain Time (UTC-07:00), dr2dr will be unavailable, but only so we can bring you amazing new improvements!

What improvements, you ask? Great Question!


Cancel an Acknowledgment Request

Sent an acknowledgment request, but now you no longer need one? Well, in our latest update, we have you covered! You can now cancel an acknowledgment request by simply clicking the X on the request:

Once cancelled, you'll instantly see the confirmation:

That’s just good user experience!


Additional Improvements

In our never-ending quest to make dr2dr the best that it can be, this update also includes other improvements:

Copy and paste conversations into another program? We’ve made that process even easier for you! Messages within conversations will now display the full date, not just the time:

Searching for patients is even easier now that patient records are displayed as: Last Name, First Name:

Previewing an attachment within a conversation no longer takes you away from dr2dr! Clicking on an attachment to preview it will now open a pop-up within dr2dr instead of opening in a new browser tab.

We’ve changed the conversation Title to Subject; just one more improvement to reduce the learning curve when moving to dr2dr and away from email.

If an email address is entered into the To field in a conversation, a message will pop up indicating that the “@” symbol is not supported — another improvement to ensure your message is delivered to the proper recipient.


If you have any questions about this update, do not hesitate to contact us at support@dr2dr.ca.