Microquest’s dr2dr team offers a number of different information, demonstration, and training sessions to help you and your clinic make the most of dr2dr.    

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Information Sessions

Getting to Know dr2dr

Our webinar sessions will be presented over the internet, providing an overview and demonstration of dr2dr. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the demonstration.

Team of doctors looking at projector screen in video conference meeting at hospital


Using dr2dr

Receive an overview and participate in an open discussion of dr2dr while learning how to incorporate secure messaging into your existing clinical workflow with one of our training sessions.

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In-Person Sessions

Live Demonstration

Our in-person sessions are approximately one hour in length and will cover all the dr2dr features and provide a live demonstration. Each session will also provide a chance for an open discussion of dr2dr as a group.

We currently have no scheduled information or training sessions.

If you would like to schedule an information or training session, contact us today!