Intake Types and Forms

Intake Types

dr2dr's new Intake Types feature allows your clinic to configure any number of conversation types for new conversations sent to your clinic mailbox. For example, if you regularly receive a specific type of referral, users can now select that referral type when sending a new conversation to your clinic.

Additionally, you can also require a patient, or any other attachment to be included with the conversation.

The best part, however, is that Intake Types can also be configured to require a specific Intake Form be filled out as well.

Speaking of Intake Forms...

Intake Forms

dr2dr will now include the ability to create Intake Forms that can be completed prior to sending a conversation to your clinic:

Intake Form in dr2dr

Using the example from Intake Types above, if there is specific information your clinic requires with each referral, Intake Forms in dr2dr will ensure that the sender includes all the applicable information.

Intake Forms include multiple configurable fields: a date selector, phone number field, two types of text fields. Additionally, you can add a checkbox, radio button, or drop-down selector to your form.

You can add as many fields as you want to your form. You can also edit the field to suit your specific needs: change the name of the field, add a description (like 'patient name' in the above photo), or set as a required field.

Save valuable time by reducing unnecessary back-and-forth messages, chasing down missing information. Create an Intake Type and Form, and ensure you always receive the information you need with the first message received.

How awesome is that?!?