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dr2dr is free until October 2017 for all those who sign up now.

You’ve been asking for more time for you and your clinic staff to try the dr2dr secure messaging system, and at the same time get more of your colleagues on the system.

It’s been three short and fast summer months since the dr2dr free trial began July 4 and we agree: users of this secure e-communications system will reap the biggest, best benefits when we have everyone on board.

Microquest is pleased to announce that we’re extending the free trial period to October 1, 2017. That’s an additional full year of dr2dr secure messaging at no charge.

Physicians need a simple, secure, and effective tool that facilitates enhanced clinical communications and helps deliver improved, coordinated care for patients.

As Dr. Nohr mentioned in his email note of August 15, 2016, the dr2dr solution is:

  • Specifically designed to provide convenient two-way communication between physicians – and their clinic staff– conveniently connecting facility and community-based care providers.
  • Readily available, proven, secure, and easy to use on all platforms including Android and Apple smartphones.
  • Designed for medical communication and supports attachments and push notifications.

Free from unwanted messages that dilute or minimize the value for the user.

Shhh…Don’t tell anyone!

We don’t really mean that…

As with all good things, this news is worth sharing! Chat with your colleagues about this positive development in the dr2dr secure messaging system.

Our lips are(n’t) sealed…

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