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On Saturday, May 6, 2017, between 09:00 and 12:00 Mountain Time (UTC-07:00), dr2dr will be unavailable, but only so we can bring you amazing new features!

What features, you ask? Great Question!

Patient Management

The latest release of dr2dr now includes a new and improved patient record management system!

Users can now access the list of patients associated with their account, add new patients, and edit existing patients. Patient records associated with your account, and clinics you are associated with, will be visible.

Patient record management can be easily accessed via the “patients” tab from within your profile settings!

Conversation Reports

The new reporting feature allows you to generate a report of every conversation you have started, or are a part of. In addition to listing the title, priority, date and time the conversation was created, the Conversation Response Report also lists the user or clinic that started the conversation.

Additionally, the report also includes:

  • Response Time: indicates the time between creation and the first message in the conversation
  • No Response: indicates if there was no response to the conversation within one week

The date range for a report can also be customized, with the default range being one month. Additionally, reports can be generated for every clinic you are associated with.

New Changes for the Address Book

This latest release also includes a few changes to the address book.

We’ve removed the “Contacts” from the address book, replacing it with the more straightforward Favourites feature.

You will no longer have to request the user add you as a contact before you can message them. Instead, you can simply make any contact a favourite.


If you have any questions about this update, do not hesitate to contact us at support@dr2dr.ca.