In our ongoing quest to provide you with the best dr2dr experience possible, we’re updating some of dr2dr’s features.

So, on Saturday, June 24, 2017, between 09:00 and 12:00 Mountain Time (UTC-07:00), dr2dr will be unavailable, but only so we can bring you those awesome new updates!

What’s new in this update? We’re glad you asked!

After the update, you’ll see:


dr2dr Tutorials







In this latest update, we’ve added brand-new tutorials to dr2dr.

The first time you log in to dr2dr after the update, you’ll have the option to go through quick tutorials for the home screen, conversation window, address book, and profile settings page. The tutorials will highlight the major functions of each section, and provide a quick description of those functions.

We’ve also added the ability to re-enable the tutorials. Need a refresher on one, or all, of the sections? Simply re-enable that tutorial, and the next time you access that area, the tutorial will play again!


Updated Address Book View

We’ve updated the look of the address book, too! Now, when you open the address book, you’ll see two new handy sections: favorites and recents.
These new sections make it easier to access your last 10 favorited contacts, and you last 10 recently messaged contacts.

Now that’s just good design.


A Few More Improvements

When adding a new patient record, the record will set the province field to your province.

When canceling a new conversation, a confirmation window will pop up; no more accidental canceling!

After changing your password, devices you have set to remember your login credentials will reset; you will be required to log in again with your two-factor authentication code.